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Постер Standoff 2 for Android

Standoff 2 for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 09-09-2022


Standoff 2 (Standoff) - the legendary game the game returns in the form of a first-person shooter for Android. In the second part of the game, you will find new types of weapons, new locations and new game modes in which you can play as special forces or terrorists!

In the game Standoff 2 you can:

In the game you will be able to take part in battles all over the world ranging from Italy to somewhere far away in the peas of Russia. In addition to the new unusual maps in the second part of the game, you will find classic maps that have become legends in the first part, these are "Arena " and "Training Outside " in an updated form.

New weapons to fight the enemy – in this version of the game you will find a cool addition in the form of 20 types of weapons to choose from from the very beginning of the game, take what you like and go for the flag!

Envy and bragging - now you can envy your rivals or, conversely, brag about your stickers, skins and all kinds of combinations. To see what is in the game, just download case simulator for Standoff 2 on Android is not a game, but an add-on for fans of the game. You can brag not only about your case, but also about an achievement, for example, the title "Legend "!

What awaits you in the game:
  • 6 locations;
  • Voice and text chat messages;
  • Trading between players;
  • Multiple modes: setting bombs, fight to the death, arms race;
  • Control settings.

To date, this is no longer a demo version of the game, and therefore you can download the game Standoff 2 for Android hacked mod version below the links or use the Google Play store where the game is also available for free. Have a nice game!

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  • Updated: 19-09-2022, 17:04 - v0.20.1

Версия 0.11.3 - улучшена производительность и исправлена ошибка с черным экраном.

Добавлена новая версия игры 0.15.6 в которую добавлен новый режим игры Эскалация!

v0.17.4 - Завершено событие Cursed Souls и оптимизация!

v0.18.0 - зимние радости и веселья в которых и ты можешь принять участия если установишь новую версию игры!

v0.18.1 - зимнее веселья продолжается, кто самый безумный Санта! Ты? или нет? Зарубись в снежки!

v0.18.2 - Завершено событие Winter Fun. В режиме «Соревновательный» увеличена награда за поражение в раунде. Добавлены настройки приватности профиля. Добавлены медали Veteran 2022!

v0.19.4 - Необходимое обновление внутренних систем для улучшения игры.

v0.20.1 - Добавлен супер мод, взломанная версия!

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