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Постер RFS - Real Flight Simulator Pro

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Pro

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #In Russian #Popular game
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 23-10-2021


RFS-Real Flight Simulator Pro is a game in which you can feel like an airplane pilot to the fullest. In the game you will be able to fly, exploring beautiful airports, three-dimensional buildings, mountains and landing strips around the world. You will become a real flight pilot, you will transport passengers and communicate with other pilots in a network game over the Internet. Communicate with ATC dispatchers to find out the weather it is possible that you can not fly because of fog or ice, and while you are waiting for departure, you can adjust the instrument panel and the appearance of the aircraft at your discretion.

Features in the game:
  • Auto creation of a flight plan;
  • Change of day and night in real time;
  • V-SPEEDS aircraft, fuel restriction, flight time calculation;
  • Real weather: wind speed, fog, snow, storm, turbulence;
  • More than 40 thousand flights to pass;
  • Real-time game with hundreds of players;

It is worth noting separately the graphics in the game when you fly over cities, the fact is that it is really real, as it was taken from satellite photos, it follows that the game RFS-Real Flight Simulator for Android is not just a game in it you can also get acquainted with cities that you have not yet visited and enjoy the views from a bird's flight.

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  • Updated: 23-10-2021, 17:06 - v1.4.4
Новая версия RFS v1.4.4:
rfs-v1_4_4.apk Вес: 281.77 Mb

Особенности: встроенный кэш в apk файл!

Новая версия игру RFS 1.3.4 со встроенным кэшем в которую были добавлены трехмерные модели пилотов, лица. Новые камеры, погодные условия, звуки и многое другое. Также исправлены все заявленные ошибки.

1.3.7 - Новый самолет B747-8F, исправлены ошибки, новые асфальтированные аэродромы!

v1.4.0 - исправлены ошибки и добавлен новый самолёт.

v1.4.3 - новый самолёт Beluga XL, новые камеры и погрузчик для Beluga XL. Также изменена кабина управления A330-300 и исправлены все замеченные ошибки!

v1.4.4 - Добавлены приборы PFD, GMCS. Новая силовая установка ACU. Новая анимация очистителей и FUEL TRUCK. Исправлены ошибки!