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Постер Angry Birds Seasons HD for Android

Angry Birds Seasons HD for Android

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Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 03-08-2021


Another episode of Angry Birds, this is not for you Rio and not the first part, this is a seasonal release of Angry Birds Seasons with completely new levels!

Angry Birds Seasons HD for Android

In this issue of birds, you will find many different holidays from Christmas, Halloween to Chinese New Year. Birds also celebrate all human holidays and developers try to add new thematic levels to each holiday.

At the moment, the game already has more than 250 unique levels, a lot of new chips that are not present in previous versions of birds, such as golden eggs, various gifts and bonus levels.

With the game Angry Birds Seasons, you will get even more acquainted with the great gameplay of Angry Birds and the unique physics of the game! Download it right now! For free from our website! But don't forget to rate the previous versions of the game, which are also present on our cool website.

10.12.2014: New version of the game Angry Birds Seasons: On Thin Ice with As a gift! To get it, open "settings " click on the keyboard icon and enter the code ANGRY-BIRDS.

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  • Updated: 3-08-2021, 20:18 - v6.6.2
Новая версия v6.6.2:
angry-birds-seasons_v6-6-2.apk Вес: 100.01 Mb
Мод версия где много бонусов:
angry-birds-seasons_v6-6-2_mod.apk Вес: 100.02 Mb

v6.6.2 - Новое в новой версии это очистка гнезда, выгон жучков и внос мелкие улучшений.