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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop: ED Rush! MOD

Category: Arcades #Without cache #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 21-02-2022


Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! - I present to your attention a very exciting music game. This game is very similar to Hiroo Guitars, where you had to have time to press certain buttons to the beat of the music. And in this game, your task will be to control a ball that jumps to the beat of the music.

And so, in the game Tiles Hop on Android, your task will be to touch the smartphone display both left and right, control the ball without removing your finger, which should jump to the beat of the music on the glowing squares. Collect crystals and earn as many stars as possible. In the game Tiles Hop, you can choose your favorite genres of music, listen to your favorite music and play! By the way, to play this game, it is better to have an internet connection!

Features of the musical game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush:
  • Very simple operation
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Very beautiful backgrounds, more than 20 pieces
  • Gradually raising the difficulty
  • The opportunity to share achievements with friends in social networks.networks
  • A huge number of different music tracks in different genres

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  • Updated: 21-02-2022, 13:17 - v3.8.2.1

v3.7.7 - аналогично предбудущему обновлению!

v3.7.5 - еще больше новых песен!

v3.8.0 - Некоторые случайные игроки получат новые возможности!

v3.8.2 - чего нового - не известно!

v3.8.2.1 - новая версия.