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Постер Om Nom: Run 2 for Android

Om Nom: Run 2 for Android

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #In Russian #Without cache
Requirements: Android 7.x
Views: 838
Date: 17-10-2021


Om Nom: Run 2 (Am Yum) - meet the new game from the famous developer ZeptoLab it's all the same Am Yum only now he doesn't cut the ropes to eat sweets, but runs (runner) on the roofs of Nomville! It's quite simple to play the game, as in all similar runners, you need to run only this time on the roof avoiding all kinds of obstacles, perform tricks and collect likes to become the coolest in the high score table.

Features in the game Om Nom: Run 2:

  • Competition with 10 players on time;
  • The storyline where you have to find the fastest way to the finish line;
  • A huge number of options for how to complete the level;
  • The ability to climb walls, jump twice as high and much more.

In general, the game Om Nom: Run 2 on Android is a great runner for those who liked the old Am Yum or for those who want to remember the first games on Android. You can download the game for free!