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Hungry Shark Evolution: акула

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 13-09-2022


Incredibly cool game Hungry Shark Evolution for Android is back on mobile devices again and this time the Shark is hungry as ever.

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod for Android

So, in order, what is the game? In the game you have to play as a Tiger Shark, which, as you probably know, are very dangerous and always hungry. So you will swim in the sea in search of food. You have to go a long way to grow from a baby shark into a huge shark, and most importantly, do not starve to death. The underwater world in the game is very huge and there are a lot of animals in it, the simplest prey is an ordinary fish that swims in flocks, but you can't get enough of it. In order not to starve, you will have to look for larger prey, for example, a turtle, which by the way is very difficult to catch or even catch up with a person near the beach shore.

Even though you are playing A Hungry Shark, you will not be able to break all the mountains! You can also be harmed by cunning fish and other predatory sharks that you will encounter more than once. By the way, a scuba diver can also destroy you if you hesitate!

As for the various chips in the game, they are as strange as they are, where can I go without them! For each meal you will receive points, the number of points depends directly on the size of the prey. You will also collect gold coins and precious stones that will help you in passing the game. The more you eat, the more chance you will have to unlock other interesting Sharks.

To complete the game completely, you need to complete 50 missions, and this means that you will play the game for a long time. As a result, our LivePDA portal gives a high score to this game for an original idea and good graphics. Below you can download the game Hungry Shark, as a new version, current and mod in which there is a lot of money.

12.12.2014: A grand update that added a new level "Christmas Wonderland " in it you will chew your way through elves, penguins, snowmen and tear gifts to shreds! Also, a Santa Shark has been added to the game, which you can take with you! He has a cool Santa costume and unique abilities! Happy New Year to you!

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  • Updated: 13-09-2022, 23:04 - v9.5.0
Версия v3.7.2

Новые космические акулы, да-да, наши акулы отправились в космос. Теперь в игре после того как вы совершили аварийную посадку вам нужно исследовать новую планету. На пути у вас будет много препятствий в виде космических мин и т.п.


- исправлены все ошибки, добавлены новые предметы!

v6.3.0 - Новая Акула оборотень, акула зомби. Одним словом веселимся в Хеллоуин!

Версия 7.0.0 - это версия игры в которой вы сможете создать уникальные образы для своих акул, например превратить их в супер героев.

Версия 8.2.0 добавлены мини-уровни и новые боссы!

Версия 8.7.0 - еще больше акул, исправлены все недочёты.

v8.7.6 - все больше акул ЭВОЛЮЦИОНИРУЕТ - добавлено еще 3 мегаэволюции!

v8.8.10 - добавлен морской пылесос чтобы справляться с загрязнением воды!

v8.9.0 - добавлены мусорные монстры, вы должны будете пропылесосить море пылеотсосом от пластика и другого мусора!

v9.0.0 - все также нужно очищать океан от мусора, а потом наблюдать как жизнь возвращается в спасенные воды.

v9.1.0 - новая версия в которой вы будете наблюдать как жизнь возвращается в океан после уборки!

v9.4.0 - мусорные монстры и морские пылесосы + мод много денег!

v9.4.4 - SHARK WEEK возвращается! Участвуйте в особых событиях и получите НАБОР SHARK WEEK 2022!

v9.5.0 - новый мод!

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