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My Child Lebensborn (hacking, full version) for Android

Category: Novels #Simulators #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 12-01-2022


My Child Lebensborn – the full version of the popular game in which the story of one child is told. The game has become available in a number of languages, but there is still no Russian! In the game, you take a child from the Lebensborn orphanage, which is located in Norway, it happens right after the Second World War. The task is to raise a child, it will not be so easy to do this because of the last war, try to do everything possible to make your child happy. Be inspired by true stories from Lebensborn.

Features of My Child Lebensborn:

  • Very beautiful hand-drawn graphics;
  • The opportunity to adopt both a boy and a girl;
  • An exciting story based on real events;
  • The game is more suitable for adults than for children;


Do you think you can handle it? Explain to the child that even after a hard time, you can enjoy life and live in a free country. You can download the game My Child Lebensborn for Android right now from our website.

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  • Updated: 12-01-2022, 23:33 - v1.6.103 Mod, Free Shop
Новая полная версия v1.6.103 Mod, Free Shop, Full Version бесплатные покупки в магазине на Русском языке

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Скачать My Child Lebensborn много денег, взлом, на Русском для Андроид

Оригинал v1.6.103 Full на Русском языке:
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У кого не ставиться пробуем этот Мод v1.6.103:
Мод открыта платная версия:
Полная Русская версия, покупать не нужно. 27,28,29 … день доступны.

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My Child Lebensborn (взлом, полная версия) на Андроид

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2.01.2022 - добавлен новый мод!

Версия 1.5.107 - добавлена новая полная версия. Улучшена производительность!

v1.5.110 - обновлен биллинг, исправлены ошибки с макетом и многое другое.

v1.6.102 - Мое дитя Lebensborn - теперь на Русском языке!

v1.6.103 - исправлена ошибка с выбором языка, новое название игры "Мое дитя Lebensborn"!