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Car Parking Multiplayer Mod for Android

Category: Races #Simulators #Tablet #Rus #Mod
Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 21-10-2022


Car Parking Multiplayer - meet a very popular simulator in which you can practice parking a car. You will have enough cars to choose from to compare their control and difficulty in parking, since its controllability and other driving factors depend on the power of the car. The game has more than 82 levels and more than 100 cars with a detailed design both externally and internally. All cars are controlled as realistically and plausibly as possible, there are pedestrians and traffic flow on the autobahns, and also what is not at all usual for this genre is multiplayer (playing with other players on the Internet). The player is waiting for a truly unforgettable adventure during the task, where you need to put the car at a certain point.

Car Parking Multiplayer is a dynamic simulator based on a realistic engine with physics close to real with a multiplayer game mode and a huge open world for completing tasks. A player who plays the game will be able not only to complete tasks, but also to chat with other players, arrange PVP races and increase their player rating.


The main task in the game Car Parking Multiplayer:

In the game you have to go through all the levels from the first to the last on each of which you will need to park the car at a certain point on the map in time. To complete the task, you will have everything that is in real life: a steering wheel, clutch, gas and brake pedals, as well as a handbrake. During the task, you will have to follow all the rules of the road, which means that you can not crash and hit objects around you.

Features Car Parking Multiplayer:

  • Millions of players on one server;
  • An open world for free travel;
  • The ability to share cars with other players;
  • A list of friends and both text chat and voice chat;
  • All kinds of car settings: tuning, turbo, suspension, exhaust;

Free ride mode is exactly the mode that will come in handy if you are tired of tasks and you want to play for your pleasure in free flight, you can chat with other players and arrange races. Download the game Car Parking Multiplayer a lot of money on Android is available right now from our website for free!

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  • Updated: 21-10-2022, 20:45 - v4.8.8.9

v4.8.5.2 - мелкие изменения! Мод обновлен!

v4.8.5.4 - новые тачки, звуки авто, интерфейс. Добавлены достижения, рейтинг и многое другое!

v4.8.5.6 - новые автомобили, такси и добавлен навигатор!

v4. - новый мод в котором неограниченное количество денег и весь платный контент разблокирован - включая дома, авто, двигатели и так далее. Также можно бесплатно поставить полицейские мигалки.

v4.8.8.2 - новые машины, оптимизация + мод много денег!

v4.8.8.4 - теперь есть день и ночь, а также добавлены новые тачки!

v4.8.8.9 - новая анимация, среда, награды и задания + мод где все открыто.