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Country Returns Mod for Android

Category: Action games #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 29-07-2021


Contra Returns - to everyone who remembers the old "contra" since the days of the dandy, Sega now, after 30 years, the leading Japanese developers have decided to revive the good old games and release them on all mobile platforms including Android.

In the game you can enjoy all the chips that the children of the 90s were happy with, and this is a classic gameplay, you can only walk left and right, jump and shoot at opponents using the devil knows what weapons. Also, you will find boss battles and original music. Among other things, all the characters have been redesigned and now they consist of 3D models in HD resolution. Visual effects have also been added to add life to the game.

Features in the game Contra Returns:

  • Music from the same old game;
  • Playing in a team of two people;
  • Multiple game modes: PvP, Team, Challenge and Career;
  • All the same heroes Lance and Biil;

Burn the battlefield - fight like a real man and kill all the aliens in the classic Contra game!

Online multiplayer game – you can play online with your friends, create a team and start punishing the world of "Contra" together. Also in this mode, a one-on-one battle is available!


Abundance of weapons – as many weapons as there are in this game you have not seen before, combine your arsenal.

The result of the game that you are planning to download Contra Returns Mod for Android is still the same good old "CONTRA " that many people remember. You can download the game from the store or our website using the links below.