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ePSXe for Android bios

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Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 31-07-2021


ePSXe for Android bios is a real PlayStation emulator for Android, that is, you can play games Sony PS on your mobile phone or smartphone on Android OS. This application is a popular port of ePSXe from a personal computer. According to the developers of this application, their product is ready to launch 99% of all games that exist at the moment.

To play, you will need:

  • You will need a gamepad, but not necessarily, you can connect it from the PS 4 or Xbox 360 via BlueTooth or USB technology if the joystick is wired;
  • The emulator itself, the application file;
  • The bios file that is present on the site;
  • PS game review, which you can find on other sites.

To start it, you will need:

Install the emulator and select the bios file in it, and then select the overview of the game you want to play.
You can download the ePSXe emulator for Android for free from our website or the application site. I hope the bottom solution will solve all your problems with installing PS games on Android.