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Rec Room Mobile for Android

Category: Games #Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 24-02-2022


Rec Room Mobile is a game that unites millions of players from all over the world. In the game you can meet your friends and chat about anything, you can meet other participants of the game and have fun together. Among other things, you can visit other players (visit the room if it is open) and see what is happening with them and chat together.

Rec Room is a social network:

As you might have guessed, the Rec Room game is a social network that is made in the form of a game. You can communicate both from a mobile Android smartphone or tablet, and use VR glasses sunglasses . A social application in which you play like a game, but at the same time communicate with your loved ones.

Features in the game Rec Room:

  • Super-a unique idea and the implementation of which is not present in VK, FB, OK and other popular networks;
  • You can dress up your character (Avatar bowtie ) and thereby express your style;
  • The presence of mini-games that can be created in the game and played in already created by players;

If you have not yet decided to join the Rec Room club on Android, we advise you to do it right now while access is open to everyone who wants. Social network game " Rec Room " can be downloaded for free from the links below in apk format or from the official store!

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  • Updated: 24-02-2022, 00:13 - v20220211

v20220131 - незначительные улучшения игры которые исправляют ошибки!