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Pikuniku for Android

Category: Arcades #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 970
Date: 12-08-2021


Pikuniku - meet the best "Pikunik" on Android from the genre of platformers for mobile phones and tablets. Joe told us about this game, just the other day and only for us, and as it turned out, this is a great game!

In the game, you will find simple bed tones, stupid characters and the ridiculous gait of the main character. As for the graphics, here it is at zero and immediately I remember the Paint program that is preinstalled in your OS!

Features of the game Pikunikku:

  • Ridiculous Paint Graphics;
  • Simple shapes;
  • Normal graphics and low position weight.

This game is clearly not for everyone and there is nothing to think about if you want to download, and if you want not, the author of this development will not be offended. You can download the game for free from our website!