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Tekken 3 for Android

Category: Fights #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 362
Date: 15-08-2021


Tekken 3 – the best fighting game of all time now on the Android platform. They didn't want to develop it for a long time, but the day has come when you can download the same Tekken 3 in apk format and run it on your phone. Anyone who has a PlayStation probably knows that this is the coolest fight for two in the PS console. And the fans of this game will 100% appreciate this creation and will not leave it without attention.

As for the interface in the game, it is exactly the same here as in the PlayStation, and this is the choice of a character, setting up graphics and a joystick. Even if you played the game on PS, it's all the same-the mobile version of Tekken 3 will amaze you with its lightning-fast response from the screen, you will not have time to press as your character will already strike his opponent.

In general, the game remained at the same, decent level, also with arcade graphics that do not require settings and natural and smooth movement of characters. To download the game Tekken 3 for Android just follow the links below!