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Clash of Clans (hacking, private server) for Android

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Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 16-02-2022


Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy game of 2021, in which you will develop together with the game! The player needs to build a village and organize his clan. In the aftermath, the player needs to defend himself from other clans and fight in epic wars. As you may have guessed, you will play on the Internet – this is an unofficial mod version with hacking on diamonds and a private server for playing Clash of Clans on Android for free.

The game has a huge number of characters such as warriors who throw fireballs, sorcerers, mages, trolls, archers and all sorts of fantastic characters.

New items in Clash of Clans:

  • New levels with tasks to complete;
  • New character - an air rider for an air attack;
  • Rocket Super Ball is a new super warrior.

As in all similar games, you can join a ready-made clan (guild) and continue playing with them or try to start the game from scratch, but for this you must build a village, and only then create your own clan and recruit warriors (people from all over the world) into it. When fighting with other clans, you can develop your own spells using endless combinations.

How to play Clash of Clans:

Rob - after the battle with the enemy clan, you can rob it to the skin, steal all the most useful resources and use them to strengthen your own village.

Defend yourself from enemies - don't let the enemy get to your village! To do this, you must build as many defensive towers, cannons, traps and fortification walls as possible.

As you have already understood, the game Clash of Clans on Android refers not only to the strategy genre, but also to TD protection of towers, online communication with other players and daily construction of your village. If you still want to download the game, then you can do it via the links on Google Play or download from our website hacking with diamonds and a private server.

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  • Updated: 16-02-2022, 14:49 - v14.211.16

v14.211.0 - новая, рабочая версия - подробнее на приватном сервере!

v14.211.13 - внесены супер улучшения и исправлены баги!

v14.211.16 - исправлены небольшие ошибки и внесены улучшения!

v14.211.16 - Исправлены небольшие ошибки и внесены улучшения!