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Geometry Dash SubZero for Android

Category: Arcades #Survival #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 21-08-2021


Geometry Dash SubZero full version - meet a completely new adventure of Geometry on Android in your phone, codenamed "SubZero" - it's still a very difficult game, but with new levels. The game will be interesting for those who have passed the first part of the game and of course this game is for very patient players of our site.

How to play Sub Zero Geometry:

Playing the game in the game is quite difficult if you are new to the series of games about "geometry"! The player will immediately understand in the first 5 seconds that in order to pass the game you need to have a good reaction and, importantly, strong nerves. Your character "square cube" will automatically rush to the finish line, and your task will be to overcome all sorts of geometric obstacles on your way to the final! If you suddenly get into an accident and crash into obstacles, then the game will start from the very beginning of the level, and not from the crash site!

Features in the game Geometry Dash SubZero:

  • Playing to the rhythm of cool music tracks;
  • Unique levels, for which the tracks Bossfight, Boom Kitty, MDK were specially developed. You can download all the music in one archive here: music from the dash geometry .
  • A training mode is available, in which you do not return to the beginning of the level, but can continue the game further to get the hang of it;
  • The ability to unlock new characters (squares, an icon-whatever you want to call it) and customize your character.



In general, this is a normal game that everyone can play, but it is not recommended to play for people with bad nerves and a heavy psyche! You can install the game from the official app store, but download the hacked game Geometry Dash Sub Zero full version from our website by clicking on the links to the APK files in the corresponding block.