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Mafioso mod for Android

Category: Strategies #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 562
Date: 28-08-2021


Mafioso: Syndicate is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game about the "Mafia" from the genre of card games! In the game, as in all similar games, you need to become the best!

Game history:

The world has fallen to bandits all the streets are now controlled by mafia clans, everyone has their own points of sale and sale of illegal products. The player as a beginner should not lose heart and lure the coolest bandits to his newly created clan and become the best gangster. As you know, to become the most successful gangster, you need to remove all competitors, and for this you will have to unleash a war against the mafia and kill every single one!

Features in the game Mafioso:

  • Turn-based strategy game online with the whole world;
  • More than 30 unique characters with their own abilities;
  • Very interesting dialogues during the game;
  • Featuring graphics and sound effects.


Among other things, playing the game Mafioso online on Android, you will be able to unite with other players around the world and wage war against mafia competitors together! You can download the game below by following the links from the description in the corresponding block.