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Garbage Magnate for Android

Category: Simulators #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 19-02-2022


Garbage Magnate mod:: a success story, business is a modern simulator where you can earn money even on garbage. In the game, the player will be given the goal to create a business based on garbage, where he will have to sell and process raw materials for millions of dollars.

The essence of the Garbage Tycoon game:

The essence of the game is quite simple, everything that happens in real life, you will perform in this simulator, and this is to build huge factories for processing different types of garbage, build machines that are able to compress garbage for further sale of cubes and, of course, burn garbage to the detriment of nature.

And it all started with the fact that you inherited from your grandfather an abandoned landfill with garbage (super-inheritance) where you will later meet your grandfather's friends and create a business for recycling garbage and earning millions.


Features of the Garbage tycoon:

  • The game does not require internet (offline game);
  • Easy one-hand operation;
  • The business works without your participation while you are not in the game;
  • There is no advertising!
  • Very high-quality graphics and sound.

To become the first garbage magnate, you just need to download the game right now and not waste time, but start collecting and recycling garbage right now. You can download the game for free using the links below or from the off-site of the app store.