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Download Insect Evolution on Android

Category: Strategies #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 764
Date: 31-08-2021


Insect Evolution is a cool game in which the player is offered to play as a small ant who has strayed from his flock of ants and got lost in the desert.

As you know, the road home is very long, and even you don't know where to go, and on the way there are dangerous spiders, scorpions and other bugs that want to eat you everywhere! You have to survive, you have to overcome all the obstacles to find your way home and meet your family.

In order not to completely disappear into the bottomless desert, you must support an ant and feed on smaller insects, otherwise you simply will not survive. Beware of large insects and run if necessary. You can download the game Insect Evolution for Android for free from our website!