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Bus Simulator: Ultimate for Android

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Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 06-09-2021


Bus Simulator Ultimate - today I want to introduce you to an already well-known game in my circles and this is a bus control simulator, where the player is waiting for a bus on which he must take people along a given route.

In the game, you can meet famous routes that are located between the countries of Russia, Azerbaijan, France, and so on.If you have ever traveled, you will surely recognize one of them.

What else can I do in the game:

In addition to managing your own bus, you can start creating your own business and build an entire bus company where you can hire workers and launch them on the route.

Main features:
  • Support for the Russian language and the availability of the mod;
  • Controls: buttons, tilt or steering wheel;
  • Real sound and the presence of a radio in the car interior;
  • Real weather and tracks;
  • Passengers can swear at you or thank you for a comfortable trip.


How to play?
  1. Get on the bus;
  2. Press the start/stop button to start;
  3. Move the gearbox to the "D" position (forward);
  4. Press forward depending on the selected bus control.

If you really want to participate as a trucker or a bus driver, then download the game Bus Simulator: Ultimate on Android right now!

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