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Постер The Perfect Spider-Man (hacking, mod) for Android

The Perfect Spider-Man (hacking, mod) for Android

Category: Arcades #Runners #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 22-08-2021

Spider-Man again enters the battle with evil and this time it is not a typical arcade game, but a runner named The perfect Spider-Man on Android.

In the game you have to collect a whole army of peaceful spiders and prevent the enemies from opening a portal to New York, because they want to transport their terrible counterparts. These evil spirits travel through all existing dimensions and destroy entire universes. Now our world is in danger, do not lose the battle for the Earth!

The Perfect Spider-Man (hacking, mod) for Android

So, as you have already understood, you will not only play for the well-known spider Peter, but also for Spider Noir, Space Spider, Iron, Scarlet and Bag Man! Unlimited Spider-Man is a little different from the existing runners where you only need to run and collect something. Here you will fight evil by swinging on a web, climbing walls and jumping between houses on 5 streets of New York!

Among the features in the game, we highlight a unique plot, 5 boss fights, several modes including endless running, 25 missions, amazing graphics in the spirit of Marvel comics, unique features for each Spider.

The result, the game The perfect Spider-Man for Android , will surely appeal to all fans of Marvel comics and other games developed based on comics. Also, the game will amaze you with its hand-drawn graphics, which looks like you are reading a magazine and not playing. We give the maximum score of 5 to the game, especially since this is the first runner with a Human Pack.

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  • Updated: 22-08-2021, 04:28 - v4.6.0c
Новая версия (мод, разблокированная полная версия) v4.6.0c:
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