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Doll Roll Survival Game: 456 for Android

Category: Offline games #Action games #For a tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 388
Date: 02-11-2021


Doll Roll Survival Game: 456 - a game that does not remain unattended for a long time and occupies a leading position – this is exactly the game that will awaken your instinct of self-preservation and survival. You will have to play as if your life is on the line! You have to be completely focused because losing will cost your life.

To play the Doll Roll Survival Game: 456, you need a quick reaction, reflex and brains to pass from the first to the last level. Will you be able to complete everything? And get out of the hell of the cycle!

It is quite difficult to play the game, as in all games of "squid". You will play for the green/red players and you will need to run while they are looking at you.

Features in the game:
  • Graphics like in Minecraft 3D;
  • Normal, clear control;
  • The game is free with the presence of advertising.

Bottom line, the game Doll Roll Survival Game: 456 on Android is a great game for fans of this genre! You can download the game on our website or from the store's off-site.