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Minecraft Dungeons

Category: Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet #In Russian #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 546
Date: 18-10-2021


Minecraft Dungeons is a new development from the popular developer Mojang Studios and Double Eleven in which you can explore the dungeons alone or together with your friends in the game! The game implies an online game if you play with other players from the Internet, which means that you can create a group of up to 4 people.

The Minecraft Dungeons game is very interesting to play and explore new places littered with untouched treasures, open new dungeons and fight bosses, and perform fun quests in one or a company.

Minecraft Dungeons Features:

  • Pixel graphics as in the original;
  • Top view;
  • A lot of hand weapons, as well as bows and other items;
  • Availability of armor and equipment;
  • Simple operation;
  • Updated pixel graphics.

The goal in the game is quite simple - to save the villagers from the evil Arch-Illager!

In general, Minecraft Dungeons game for Android is a great addition for all fans Minecraft which is the most popular game on our website. You can download the game only from our website using the links below.