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Crossout Mobile - PvP action for Android

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Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 06-02-2022


Crossout Mobile - PvP action: a new action on cars for your phone. In the game you have to assemble a cool combat vehicle in a user-friendly constructor. Start your PvP battle right now in online 6 vs 6 mode or in single player against the computer in PVE with additional tasks. And if you want to join the group, then you are waiting for nice gifts in the form of parts for your car, but for this you have to act under their flag.

In simple words, the game Crossout Mobile is an action game in which you will fight each other on cars loaded with weapons. You can crash into each other and shoot weapons.

Features of Crossout Mobile:

  • Post-apocalyptic 6 vs 6 battles;
  • You can bomb the enemy's car to a screw, doors come off, etc.;
  • Weapons: machine guns, cannons, rockets, saws, pistols and more;
  • Spectacular 3d graphics, from which it is difficult to break away (there is manual adjustment);

Auto – you can assemble a real monster from an ordinary nimble buggy or choose a heavy pickup truck to demolish everyone on the battlefield - create your own car for yourself! Install guns and menacing body kits, combine parts, it can be done indefinitely, put chainsaws, install rockets and much more.

There are so-called "factions" in the game, each has its own story. Study the history of each faction and choose the one that suits you best. Each such group has its own unique parts for the car that others do not have.

If you like such a post-apocalyptic game Crossout Mobile on Android then go ahead download the apk file of the latest version and remember, a hacked mod may appear on this page where everything will be open, but for now the original version that can be played for free now!

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  • Updated: 6-02-2022, 07:13 - v1.3.6.47563

v1.2.8.46051 - новая обновленная версия без ошибок!

v1.3.0.47307 - новый сезон боевого проступка, новые детали, новая постановка "на ножах", исправлены баги и улучшен интерфейс!

v1.3.6.47563 - игра стала более стабильная!