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Nun Massacre

Category: Horror #Survival #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 240
Date: 20-10-2021


Nun Massacre is an adventure and horror game in one bottle! The essence of the game begins with the fact that you receive a letter it is not clear how someone just threw it under the door. The letter states that your daughter, who is in a boarding school, is very ill. You go to a boarding school to your daughter and then a strong storm starts out of nowhere and a tree falls on the road, which blocks further movement by car. You start walking and then the real HELL begins!

In the game you will meet a mad nun with a huge blade who wants to solve you for nothing, you will hide and run from her. In general, do everything so that she doesn't kill you. This is a terrible horror game designed not for children! Of the features, it is worth highlighting a really scary nun, several game modes in black and white or color, secrets that the player will have to unravel.

Bottom line, you can download the Nun Massacre game for Android for free now from our website or from the off-site of the pleasant game app store.