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Switchcraft Mod for Android

Category: Novels #+18 #Puzzles #For a tablet #In Russian #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 12-02-2022


Switchcraft Mod is a game that includes several genres at once - these are "three in a row" and romantic stories. The game takes the game to the fairy-tale world of witches and wizards, to a school where students are taught magic. Here you will meet not only students, but also avid founders!

The essence of the game is that your best friend has been kidnapped and you have to find her by completing all kinds of puzzles and solving puzzles. You will have to get in touch with other players and solve unsolvable tasks for adults. Not only three-in-a-row games are waiting for you, but also intricate romantic stories, the course of which depends only on yourself!

Features of Switchcraft Mod:

  • Unusual gravity from different sides, spirits and portals are waiting for you on the levels;
  • Lots of gems, energy and crystals for spells;
  • Availability of energy to perform witchcraft;
  • An unusual detective story with romantic stories;
  • Serious adult relationships and secrets of magic.

You can download the Switchcraft Mod game for Android for free from our website or from the off-site of the app store. The game requires the Internet, as well as in the game you can buy items or cope on your own!

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  • Updated: 12-02-2022, 19:23 - v1.8.0

v1.8.0 - Проходи старые уровни «3 в ряд» и постарайся собрать как можно больше лягушек.