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People Playground for Android

Category: Simulators #Shooting games #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 12-12-2021


People Playground is a new popular game that allows you to usefully spend your free time on your Android phone. In the game you will explore dolls and their capabilities in different situations. Of course, all actions take place in the virtual world! At your disposal will be various tools and settings that will allow you to conduct various experiments with dolls. There is already a similar Melon Playground game on our website that is also very popular and if you have played it, then this game is very similar.

What is the interest of People Playground:

The whole point of the game is realistic physics, it is as real as possible and your doll or mannequin, as you wish, will behave realistically depending on the actions. For example, give your dummy a weapon and shoot, then you will see a real recoil or blow up a grenade nearby, see what happens next. The player can put an unlimited number of dolls on the landfill and conduct all kinds of tests and experiments with them without end.

Why is everyone looking for People Playground, although there is no one on Android. The game has become very popular on PC because they are looking for. We offer you to download an analog of the game that exactly repeats the original and this is People Stickman Playground: Ragdoll Zombie Stick on Android so you know what you are pumping!

Feature of People Playground:

  • Best 2D Physics Game of the Year;
  • A huge number of weapons;
  • Graphics and sound at the highest level;
  • Guns, guns, cars and other items are available;
  • A lot of objects for construction.

Bottom line, you should definitely try People Playground on Android if you like similar games, or rather People Stickman Playground: Ragdoll Zombie Stick! You can download the game both from our website and from the off-site of the app store.