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Постер Terraria game for Android

Terraria game for Android

Category: Arcades #Strategies #Survival #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
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Date: 29-09-2022


Another game from the sandbox genre, which has won leadership in its genre, and this is Terraria for Android. At first glance, the game immediately comes to mind Minecraft and it really is, the game is a lot like its square graphics counterpart. But I want to say right away that the game Terraria does not copy Maincraft in any way, it was developed separately and independently and even has a lot of advantages and its own chips that my brother does not have.

Terraria game for Android

The gameplay, again, is very similar to its counterpart with one small exception in Terraria there is only one game mode and this is survival, it plays a direct main role here. Also, the construction here takes a second goal than that of a fellow where this action has the main goal.

The main difference between the game and its competitors is 2D graphics, which is even superior to 3D in some ways, you can evaluate this by playing the game itself on your phone or tablet. 2D Graphics not only has a number of advantages, but also makes the game easier due to the fact that all the objects are easier to find because they are all on the same screen, and various caves and traps will not be so dangerous again because they are in front of your nose.

The character leveling system in "Terraria" is quite simple, it itself allows you to pump the hero to a certain level. I would also like to mention the famous crafting, which is simplified as much as possible in this game. Why do you ask? Yes, because to create an artifact, it is enough to go to the "crafting" menu and create the artifact you need, but of course if there are resources for it.

Of course, it is worth highlighting the combat system, which is worked out quite rigidly in the game, you will have to oh how not sweet to escape from particularly aggressive mobs.

From the features in the game, I think it is worth highlighting quite beautiful changing locations throughout the game and I say this, as I am not a fan of such genres of games, also music that will not let you get bored and even more so fall asleep while playing!

In summary, we can say that the game Terraria on Android has a place for life. And even if the most avid, green troll claims that this is a clone of Maincraft, we say with 100% confidence that this is not the case and we recommend that all those who are already tired of a fellow play Terraria on their device.

Now you can get even more features in the game thanks to the hacked (mod) version of the game where there is immortality and many other advantages. You can download the mod version of the game Terraria right now from our website at the links below!

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  • Updated: Yesterday, 02:55 - v1.4.4.0 мод-меню
v1.2.6787 / v1.2.7122

Более 30 новых блоков, более 1 тысячи новых врагов, добавлено 8 НПС, 15 животных и 4 босса. Также появились новые погодные условия, музыкальные треки и большие сундуки.


Очень много изменений


Произошло огромное обновление в котором улучшена рыбалка и многое другое.


Оптимизирован игровой процесс и добавлена возможность делать резервное копирование сохранение.


Китайская БЕТА версия, ждем оригинал

Чего нового в v1. FULL
1. Теперь не будет проблем со входом в игру на слабых устройствах.
2. Исправлен сбой в игре, когда игрок меняет графику с низкой на высокую.
3. Исправлены ошибки с графикой когда появлялись артефакты.
Чего нового в v1. FULL

Исправлена куча ошибок, в том числе еду можно оставить на тарелке, товары цветут правильно и многое другое!

v1. - добавлено много модов с разными возможностями о которых написано под APK файлами!

v1. - добавлена новая версия игры + добелён мод-меню с полезными опциями для более легкой игры в террарию!

v1.4.4.0 - оригинал + мод версия (описание в новости)!

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