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  • Updated: 3-08-2023, 18:22
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 6.3.0
  • Size: 147.15 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

PC Creator is a fun game in which you act as a collection of computers. The player's task is to take orders and assemble the most balanced PC builds for customers. In addition to the build, you will need to install the Windows or Linux operating system, various programs and games.

You can also build your own mining farm and earn bitcoins on cryptocurrency mining in consequence of which open your own PC parts store.

A convenient and understandable interest that absolutely every player of our game will understand. Everything is worked out in detail to the smallest detail! Each button is illustrated and speaks for itself.

Building a PC from scratch

In the game you can build your computer of your dreams using a virtual hardware store where you can buy:

  • The motherboard;
  • Processor:
  • Video card;
  • Operating memory;
  • Any OS And software!

A wide selection of components that you will definitely need to fulfill orders and all this is at hand in your smartphone! Every day you will become a more experienced PC assembly specialist thanks to the execution of the order, as a result of which you will be able to open your own store. On our website LivePDA.RU you can download the hacked version with money, where you can make purchases for real money for free. Install "PC Creator - PC Simulator" on Android - the original version can also be from the Google Play store!

PC Creator Mod Money v6.3.0 for Android

Download PC Creator Mod Money v6.3.0 for Android for free

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