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  • Updated: 23-04-2023, 20:55
  • Android Version: 4.0
  • Current version: 1.129
  • Size: 212.68 Mb

Welcome to the mysterious world called Graveyard Keeper (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked). This is a new modern Android game inspired by cemeteries, ghosts gather here and you have the main task to manage this cemetery. The game has a brand new personality that will make players feel excited. You have to build cemeteries more and more. Let's experience these exciting and unusual sensations together!

Real fear:

Indeed we will have a little shiver of fear when it comes to cemeteries. If you had to manage this cemetery, what would it be like? It's terrible, isn't it! The game uses this idea so that players can experience wonderful moments and moments of facing fear. We will gradually learn the lessons and overcome this fear.

Graveyard Keeper (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

When this fear passes, other fears continue to come into the game, which are a continuation of many missions, each series will bring its own new feature. The most attractive thing is that we take control of an abandoned cemetery with hundreds of thousands of graves. We have to stay here tonight and look after these graves. To be honest, it will be terrible, there are moments of surprise that make us not resist. The game gives us interesting emotions, which in real life will not be.

Career growth:

The player must expand the cemetery area several times to be able to bury everyone. With the help of new auxiliary equipment, construction work can be carried out easily. Since this is a sacred place, everything must happen in a predetermined sequence.

After the construction of a large cemetery, management will be difficult, since it takes too much time and effort to get from one end to the other. Although there is a vehicle, it will not be very good. Each of us must find shortcuts to easily and conveniently get from one place to another. Save time and effort by reducing travel expenses.

Cemetery mobilization:

Players will have to perform the main task in Graveyard Keeper — to manage cemeteries with an area of more than a thousand square meters. Graves will increase with each level, so the first thing we need to do is to mobilize forces to build more cemeteries. This construction requires more time, more effort, so you should mobilize more of your friends to be able to help in some way.

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This is a noble job, so everyone should help to do it quickly. Each of us has the necessary items such as flashlights, protective equipment, etc. that we need when on night duty. The player will have to examine the corpse and remove objects from the person before proceeding to the funeral. Collecting these items is essential.

Main features:

Mysterious dungeons open inside Graveyard Keeper, players need to discover them. Every prison will be full of corpses, and we need to get them out and bury them. Mobilize large forces to participate in this horrific investigation, and these people will be of great help in extracting the body. Embark on a journey with hundreds of thousands of great unknowns and use more vehicles to transport these corpses.

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Using realistic images and clear graphics – the game has great appeal. High HD quality combined with magical colors creates a unique image. Bright sound is also one of the new advantages of this game. The combination of sound and image has created uniformity and makes the game much more enjoyable.

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The original game combined with the ghostly gameplay is also a unique feature and evokes strong feelings. Try to experience these great things and feel the heat that the game brings. Download the game Graveyard Keeper for Android for free from our server.

Graveyard Keeper (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Download Graveyard Keeper (Mod, Unlimited Money, Unlocked) for free

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