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Castle of Illusion - Mickey Mouse

Category: Adventures #For a tablet #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 06-01-2022


Castle of Illusion - today we present to your attention a super cool game about Mickey Mouse without Russian for free the full version of the game. In the game you will run in front, enter buildings and collect diamonds. Excellent three-dimensional graphics immediately catches the eye here is not just flat 2D, but quite an interesting implementation of 3D modeling. Well, on the way to the new level there will be obstacles in the form of stumps and toadstool mushrooms that you need to jump on to destroy, you will also meet rocks that you can't really jump on, but then you need to find a spring and jump on it. There's a lot more waiting for you Castle of Illusion on Android for free . Although the game does not have a Russian language, it is easy enough to play it without a voice-over commentator.

The essence of the game, like the cartoon, is to save Mini who was kidnapped by a witch ! To get to the stupid witch, you have to make your way through an enchanted forest, strange castles, fight for rabid bees and go through complex mazes!

Download Castle of Illusion

You can download the Castle of Illusion game for Android for free only on our website, to download the amazing story of Mickey Mouse and his attempts to save the Mini, just go to the block with the links below. It is worth noting that there are as many as 5 worlds to pass. Have fun playing this colorful unique game.

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