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Project Drift 2.0 Mod Money

Category: Races #Mod #Rus #Tablet #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 19-09-2022


Project Drift 2.0 is a very beautiful hand-drawn drift race game that really looks like a retro-style game, and not like a 3D reality of the living world, well, you understand. At the moment, the project is in beta testing and the game developers will be grateful if you play the game and give your feedback!

In the game you will find 10 cool cars, a big free city and daily events, so you will not be bored!

New languages have been added to the new version of the game, including Russian, new options and innovations. Download the game for free Project Drift 2.0 for Android you can right now together cheat and hack for money, where you can buy any car. Successful experiments and clear drift!

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  • Updated: 19-09-2022, 19:00 - v51.0

v13.0 - решены все заметные проблемы, добавлен выбор сервера и исправлены ошибки!

v16.0 - новая, взломанная версия.

v32 - добавлен новый автомобиль и новая карта, а также добавлен мод где много денег!

v51.0 - новая карты, стикеры и исправлены мелкие ошибки. Также ваши деньги увеличиваются при тратах.