CarX Drift Racing 2 (Unlimited All, Mega Menu)

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CarX Drift Racing 2 (Unlimited All, Mega Menu)

CarX Drift Racing 2 (Unlimited All, Mega Menu) – there have been no races for a long time and now meet a cool drift racing simulator for Android in which the main goal is to get to the finish line faster than your rivals while gaining the maximum number of points during the drift.

Control of the game CarX Drift Racing 2:

The game provides several options for driving a car and it can be:

  1. You can connect a joystick, for example from PS4;
  2. Standard control of the virtual steering wheel by pressing the buttons that are displayed on the sides of the screen;
  3. Using the accelerometer (control the device by tilting in different directions).

In addition to choosing the controls for a more convenient game, the phone provides a camera change, which means that the player is given the opportunity to look from behind the steering wheel, from above or from the side of the car.

How to play CarX Drift Racing 2 hacking:

To play the game is quite simple, you need to download and install CarX Drift Racing 2, then go into the game and choose your first car from a number of available for beginners. After that, the player will be asked to choose one of the modes and start a drift race. At the end of the race, the player will be awarded points for drifting on turns, the more points, the better.

As the game progresses, the player will have to create his own club, in which it will be possible to gather his like-minded people. With the club, the player will be able to participate in tournaments and compete with other auto clubs.

It is important to understand that this is not just a race, but a drift race, so it is not always important to come to the finish line in the first place! A big role will be played by the points that you will gain on the track by drifting on turns. To perform a drift on turns, you need to squeeze the brake and balance the steering wheel or pull the handbrake!

Features of CarX Drift Racing 2 a lot of money:

  • Multiple game modes: pair drift, single player or network game;
  • More than 30 tracks and more than 40 cars to perform drift;
  • The opportunity to improve your car in a special garage: nitro, suspension, wheels and even a change of engine with a gearbox;
  • The hacking version differs in the presence of money immediately after installing the game, so on our website you will find only the hacked version, where there is a lot of money;
  • Unique three-dimensional graphics with good detail, one, in a word, 3D in full!


Bottom line the game Car X Drift Racing 2 on Android is something new in terms of racing and drifting on mobile platforms. Excellent physical foundation gives a stunning reality effect! All the movements, collisions, explosions and other effects look so realistic that you can confuse them with real life. The sound in the game is simply amazing, which gives additional perception chips. You can download the game for free from our website as a hacked version that has been completely modified (MOD) and the original one from the Google Play store!

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