Wreckfest Mobile (Mod, Unlocked)

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Wreckfest Mobile (Mod, Unlocked)

Wreckfest Mobile (Mod, Unlocked) is the first decent race to the legendary FlatOut on an Android mobile phone. Well, very soon there will be worthy derbies in which you will be able to drive along self-made tracks and knock each other off the track in rustic wheelbarrows. In the game you will need to pump your car, namely to install a kangaroo instead of a bumper, pump the engine, change the camshafts and shafts, and much more to always be the first on the track. In the Wreckfest races themselves, collisions and real destruction of your car are waiting for you – this is the best fighting race on Android!

Wreckfest Mobile (Mod, Unlocked)

Such races as this come out once in a lifetime and you definitely should not lose sight of them – this is really a race without rules, all you have to do is get to the finish line and no matter what condition your car will be in, and it can be very badly broken! The car can fly off its external parts, such as doors, bumpers, hoods, and wheels can also fly away and then you are definitely unlikely to reach the finish line.

The cars in the game are only the best with hard metal and a peculiar character – it can be both American cars and European, and maybe even Asian, you definitely won't find anything similar at the moment for Android.

Car setup:

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  • The ability to change the color of the car;
  • You can visit the iron on the machine for great protection;
  • You can put a turbine and much more.

Multiple game modes:

The game has several game modes so that each player can find a suitable one for himself, for example, you can play online with other players from the Internet.

There is a test mode where you can have fun driving combines, lawn mowers, buses, tricycles and so on, crashing into each other at speed!

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The main mode is a career mode in which you will fight for victory in each proposed race. You will participate in championships, earn experience, discover new spare parts and much more.

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Well, as a result, we have an excellent race to destruction and for sure everyone who remembers the computer game FlatOut will be very happy about the appearance of Wreckfest as it is very similar and can now be played on a mobile phone. In the meantime, we can only wait for the release, and you will definitely be able to download the game from this page of our website!

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