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Teardown for android download

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Requirements: Android 6.x
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Date: 29-01-2022


Teardown is a game of destruction and a grandiose robbery, since the game is very popular on Android, we tried to find a similar analogue and as it turned out, it exists. Teardown is exactly the game where you need to carefully plan your actions in order to cross the line of the law and commit a crime. The game provides more missions and a huge opportunity to experiment with the further development of the game.

The essence of the game Teardown

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In the game, you are a robber who needs to rob a house, to do this you must pretend to be a builder and think over a robbery plan for stealth penetration. As soon as everything is ready, you can carry out your plan and for this you will be provided with weapons, tools and clothes.

Teardown on Android

Of course, you need to rob silently, but it will be quite difficult to do this due to the fact that the game developers have thought through everything to the smallest detail and every item, if you hit it, will make a sound that can provoke other workers and notice you. If you are noticed, then the game will end, but do not be upset because you can start the called one and follow the other path.

Gameplay is constantly changing during the game and you can complete the levels in different ways, just remember the time in which you must complete the task - a robbery.

Teardown free

In the simulator, "Teardovan" gets an extensive set of tools that are fun to use during the game, and this can be a hammer, saw, axes, and even real weapons in the form of pistols. You can also ride and drive tractors and other construction equipment. Each of the items in your collection can be improved, which makes it possible to get more points when used.

There are many mods for the game that allow you to diversify the gameplay. Anyone can download the game in Russian with Russian cities and additional maps, locations. There are also mods for a hacked version for unlimited resources and much more. We recommend playing the original Teardown version of the game on Android as it is more interesting, but you can make your own choice.

Analogue of Teardown on Android

If you have visited this page of the Teardown game description, you probably already know that it is not available on Android and therefore we suggest you download some analogue in the Building Destruction Prototype application that looks like some things and therefore you should like it.

The Building Destruction game is a destruction simulator where the user has to destroy tasks. The game takes place in the field in the first person. The player can choose a weapon to destroy and one of the buildings to demolish!


For smashing buildings, there's a sledgehammer for demolishing walls and the like, and a flamethrower for burning the leftovers! A huge number of buildings and tools for their demolition make this game very interesting and exciting!