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Chimeraland for Android

Category: Role-playing RPGs #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 6.x
Views: 147
Date: 09-01-2022


Chimeraland is an original sandbox game for those who really ate Minecraft and other similar games. In this role-playing game you will be able to enjoy the open world, which later you need to explore! Minus the game there is no Russian language, but that's just for now!

The world that will need to be curbed is not just big, it is gigantic and located on more than 9 billion square feet, where you live, get your food and look for treasures!


To survive in the ancient world of Chimeraland, you have to get your food by hunting strange animals that you have not seen yet. Get various artifacts to equip your home and even get pets.
Download Chimeraland

Among other things, you can download the game right now! And in the game you can participate in PVP tournaments, perform thematic tasks and much more. You can download the game only from the cloud as the game weighs more than 3 GB. Have a nice game!