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Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting

Category: Arcades #Offline games #Tablet #Rus #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 05-10-2022


Jackal Squad - Arcade Shooting - a game from your childhood that many remember from the 88 years. Squad of Jackals is an arcade shooter in the run and shoot everything stele for smartphones. The story of the game is that at the moment there is a war and you are fighting with the enemy, and your friends in arms were captured and now you need to assemble a team of jackals to rescue your hostages.

How to play

Just swipe your finger across the screen where the machine should move. Attack the enemy exploring the circumference and range of your weapons on the jeep. Bring down everyone in a row - of course only enemies! Upgrade your jeep by buying new weapons!

Features of the game:
  • Impressive pixel graphics;
  • Modern control gameplay;
  • More than 100 levels to complete;
  • Online and offline mode.

Try a decent jeep game with jackals on board right now. You can download the game right now from our website, and also a game hacked for money, so you won't have to sweat to improve your jeep. Have a nice game with a squad of jackals!

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  • Updated: 5-10-2022, 06:49 - v0.0.1459

v0.0.1401 - Исправлена ​​незначительная ошибка!

v0.0.1406 - новые дроны и оружие!

v0.0.1441 - добавлен мод с множителем урона, режимом бога, неограниченным газом и титаном.

v0.0.1459 - обновлено!