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RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme v1.1.5 APK Mod Money for Android

Category: Races #Survival #Mod #Rus #Tablet
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 23-10-2022


RACE: Rockets Arena Action Cars - this is a real race for survival, in which you have to equip your car so that all enemies remember forever that you are not to be trifled with! Use rockets, bombs and of course a shield! Arrange a real action movie in your phone.

What can I do

  • There are several game modes available in the game: plot, arena, darkness and lone wolf (fight for survival);
  • The arena where you and your rules need to crush the enemy to shreds with a chainsaw or something.
  • Different time zones to participate in the most epic battles, feel the race of different eras of prosperity and oppression;
  • Pumping cars in the same way as characters up to level 30:
  • Car improvements: body kits, engines and of course weapons in the form of guns, rockets, bombs and other devices;
  • Convenient management, as many as 3 options to choose from;

Download RACE

Download the new version of the game RACE for Android for free from our website. We suggest downloading a hacked version where money is unlimited and you can buy any car. Have a nice race and fight for survival.