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MadDex 2 Mod Money

Category: Arcades #For a tablet #Hacked games #Without cache
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 327
Date: 10-01-2022


Mad Dex 2 – meet the new chapter of the hardcore arcade, in which you will worry so much about the speed of action that it's just kapets, and everything will be wanted and wanted to play. This is a game that destroys the understanding of the world in which the player jumps on various objects, walls and roofs jumping over one-eyed monsters and the like.

The player will play for an incomprehensible creature that at first glance looks like a square cube with one eye in a cap from the game Dash Geometry! Dasha this bun is kind to a couple until his love of his life, Miss Dex, is kidnapped!

In search of your love, you get on the set of the film "saws" and then you get confused in the scenery and everything that happens to the main characters of the film begins to happen to you! In all seriousness! The game Mad Dex 2 on Android is undoubtedly freaky and fun, but for someone it will be sad.

Among the features, 75 levels, a storyline, a boss battle, a large number of obstacles in the form of saws and others can be noted. And of course download the game Mad Dex 2 for Android, a hacked version, where a lot of money is only available on our website, and if you need the original, you can always install it from the app store.