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  • Updated: 25-07-2023, 13:48
  • Android Version: 5.0
  • Current version: 1.5.31
  • Link to Google Play: open

Space Frontier 2 is the second part of the acclaimed space arcade game where you build and then launch a rocket to the arbiter of the earth. This time you will go into space yourself with your rocket, so in the first part you learned how to build rockets! The developers took into account all the wishes of users and made the game even better.

Now in the game you can:

  • Conquer 50 solar systems;

  • Colonize 100 planets;

  • Rule the whole galaxy!

Download Space Frontier 2

More than 50 new space technologies have been added to the game to help achieve the goal, and in order not to miss anything of the most interesting, you can download a hacked version of the game, where there is a lot of money that allows you to buy any item for a rocket.

Video review from youtube:
Space Frontier 2
Space Frontier 2

Download Space Frontier 2 for free

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