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Pako 3

Pako 3 Mod Money

Category: Races
Requirements: Android 5
Views: 273
Date: 25-01-2022


Pako 3 - the popular racing game is back with a huge number of levels and cars that can be obtained for completing tasks! In the game, in addition to the classic races, you will participate in the chase from the police, who are chasing you in helicopters, shooting at you with weapons. One of the main features in the game Pako 3 on Android is that it is simple and easy, does not require much thinking! You just play and enjoy the gameplay.


  • Challenges in the form of boss battles;
  • More than 30 levels:
  • About 30 cars;
  • Car tuning;
  • Competition on the Internet;
  • Achievements and bonuses!

Download Pako 3

You can download the third hour of popular races from our website, and you can also download hacking, where there is a lot of money and all cars are open. In general, you recommend the game Pako 3 and give 5 out of 5 points! Have a nice race!