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Homo Machina

Category: Puzzles #For a tablet #Without cache #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 7.x
Views: 189
Date: 26-01-2022


Homo Machina is, so to speak, surreal riddles developed in the style of an avant-garde style - oh, what a game for Android. On the screens of the game you will be able to observe a very interesting picture, for example, how the organs of a living person work - of course not live, but with gears and other strays!

What happens in the game

In the game you will immerse yourself in the genius of the human insides and will act as vessels and valves. You have to help the body function properly! Although the game is not in Russian, it is quite easy to understand it as the interface is intuitive! Any action is responsible for something on the body, for example, for eyes, mouth, ears and listening to music.

Download Homo Machina

Download this brilliant Homo Machina game for Android for free from our website! We have a full version of the app that does not require a purchase! The developer of the game is Darjeeling!