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El Hijo - A Wild West Tale - full version

Category: Adventures #Without cache #For a tablet
Requirements: Android 6.x
Views: 372
Date: 26-01-2022


El Hijo - A Wild West Tale is a game from the adventure genre where you will play as a 6-year-old El who escaped from a monastery and went on a journey around the world full of danger.

Game History

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale - full version

Once a farming family was attacked by bandits – they destroyed everything to the ground and the mother had to leave her son in a monastery because there was no money to exist. But something went wrong and the little one plans to escape!

  • Wild West Terrain;
  • Exploring monasteries and deserts!

In the game you have to survive, and for this you will have to merge with the shadow and the environment. Enjoy the exciting story and the game as a whole! You can download it for free, only on our website and the full version of the game!