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Horror Tales 2: Samantha

Category: Horror #Adventures #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 5
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Date: 17-10-2022


Horror Tale 2: Samantha – well, very soon there will be a new episode of Samantha that can be downloaded from this portal page, who has not played, then this is a modern horror in which it is very scary!

In the new horror game, a new story awaits you, in which the game itself will immerse you, there will be new characters and much more. The essence of the story tells us that in a city called Lakewich, children began to disappear, where it is not clear, actually your task is to find out where the kids disappear. Maybe someone is kidnapping children, or maybe they got lost and you need to find them and save them from death. To find out the answers, you need to solve riddles.

Horror Tale 2: Samantha (photo 1)

Of course, in the new part you will meet Samantha and together you will need to try to get out of prison, solve new mysteries about missing children that will lead you to new frightening discoveries. As you progress, puzzles, terrible moments, unexpected twists and more await you.

Features in the game:

Horror Tale 2: Samantha (photo 2)

  • Quite fascinating characters;
  • A very interesting story;
  • More than 5 locations;
  • Mini-games, puzzles during the passage;
  • Original music.

The Horror Tale game is very similar to the already well-known horror games, horror Ice Scream 6, Evil Nun and Hello Neighbor, but it's worth noting that they all differ in their history and therefore they are unique. This horror is very terrible, but at the same time it has a share of exciting adventures and fun!

Download Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Horror Tale 2: Samantha (photo 3)

As a result, we have a terribly exciting horror story for Android, which will soon be available to download from our website for free, but in the meantime you can play similar games for Android in our horror section!