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Building Destruction Prototype

Category: Simulators #For a tablet #Without cache #Hacked games
Requirements: Android 6.x
Views: 495
Date: 29-01-2022


Building Destruction is a very interesting demolition sim inspired by games like Teardown and Rainbow Six Siege! This game is an excellent first-person simulator with pixel graphics. The game has shotguns, flamethrowers and hammers for destruction.

  • Many cards;
  • PVP mode, NPC;
  • Camera shake effect.

There are a lot of things in the game and only more are added every day, and so now it is already possible to add NPC people and its settings in it, an office has been added and much more.

Download Building Destruction

So, in the end, all we wanted to convey to you is to download the Building Destruction game for Android without ads, just download the file from our website! It is important, but the important thing is that you need a good phone for the game, otherwise the game will lag!