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Hybrid Animals (Mod, Free Shopping)

Category: Simulators #Tablet #Without cache #Mod
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 04-11-2022


Hybrid Animals (Mod, Free Shopping) is a clear game where you can cross animals and get something unique, for example, you can combine a turtle with a cockroach or a duck with a squirrel and so on indefinitely while getting a unique creature with advanced abilities!


Download Hybrid animals

After you create your unique creature, you can proceed to the game itself, where you will be provided with a randomly generated world in which you can build your city, house and live there. The house can be equipped with furniture and a palace. You also have to defend yourself from the attacks of other hybrid animals.


Among the features, it is worth highlighting the unique idea of the game, which you have not seen anywhere, it is unlikely that you have seen a painted giraffe with a hare or something similar. You can combine them indefinitely! Also in the game it is worth noting good graphics, the presence of cool sound, a mod version and much more.

Download Hybrid Animals

You can download the Hybrid Animals game for Android for free and only from our website the mod version, in which there are free purchases, no ads and a lot of money to buy items that will be needed to equip the city and home.

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  • Updated: 4-11-2022, 21:38 - v200549

v200549 - добавлены новые предметы, NPC, кисти, штампы и возможность красить тыквы, а также выдвижные пилы!