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  • Updated: 23-04-2023, 23:09
  • Android Version:
  • Current version: 1.754
  • Size: 152.72 Mb
  • Link to Google Play: open

Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Money) - hardcore survival after a nuclear explosion on Soviet territory - in the game you will perform tasks to immerse yourself in the storyline and be able to discover the cause of the nuclear explosion.

R-Day Premium

The game will test your stamina and endurance, as you'll have to survive in a world that suffered a nuclear explosion and now has radiation, disease, and starvation all around-you have to cross an entire country to escape the contamination and save your family from death! The game is very interesting and you will be able to solve the mystery of the explosion, as well as remember the long forgotten places of the USSR while traveling around the country!

Day R Premium


  • Bloodthirsty enemies in the form of mutants;
  • Resource gathering and crafting;
  • Huge map of the former USSR;
  • Pet - raven (available)!
  • Chat with other players;

As you progress through the game you'll encounter obstacles in the form of natural illnesses from radiation, as well as hunger from lack of food, injuries, thirst without water, and other ailments that won't let you just relax and give up!

Of course, that's not all of the game's features, it's worth mentioning the availability of the 2,700 thousand cities you'll visit, and here even rats can infect you with deadly disease. So start playing now, so you won't miss any of the action.

Download Day R Premium

You can only download the game for free on our mega-mod site, where everything is open and available, including the Premium version of the game. Enjoy the game and rescue from radiation, we are sure that you will pass the country and save your family from perdition! You can download the game for free on our website.

Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Money) for free

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