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Nuclear Dawn Survival

Category: Survival #Mod #Tablet #Rus #Without cache
Requirements: Android 7.x
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Date: 28-11-2022


Nuclear Dawn Survival (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a new game with a unique survival atmosphere in which you have to squeeze out a city hit by nuclear weapons. Can you survive in the city after a nuclear strike?

Wherever you go, there is radiation everywhere and you need to wear a gas mask, hunger and disease are only a small part of what people die from. Your task is to get out of the city, but you can't leave alone, leaving your love, first you have to find your girlfriend in this mess, and then look for a way out of the city and away from radiation.

Nuclear Dawn Survival

The game has a very unique and peculiar atmosphere, striking to the core. Uncover the terrible secret of hidden documents that were lost after the explosion and make a choice to save loved ones or run away alone!

Features in the game:

  • Changing weather conditions;
  • Opportunity to explore abandoned places;
  • A unique storyline;
  • The system of creating items and crafting.

Download Nuclear Day Survival

To survive in this terrible atmosphere, you will need to look for edible food, fight diseases and thirst, as well as fight off bandits! As the game progresses, you will meet other characters who will tell their unique stories of survival. You will solve puzzles and complete the assigned quests to complete the game.

Download Nuclear Day Survival

As a result, we have an excellent survival game, and even in Russian with good graphics and quite an interesting story. To start playing, you can download Nuclear Day Survival for Android for free right now.

Modification : hacking for a lot of money!

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  • Updated: Yesterday, 01:39 - v0.120

v0.120 - обновлен интерфейс, добавлен бой в баре, исправлены баги + мод на деньги!