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Постер Geometry Dash Android

Geometry Dash Android

Category: Arcades #Tablet #Mod #Without cache
Requirements: Android 2.3.x
Views: 29 978
Date: 02-08-2021


I present to you a new game Geometry Dash which has won hundreds of thousands of positive reviews in a short period of its existence. The game can be compared with the already sensational hit "Swing Copters" due to the incredibly complex gameplay. Simple graphics and a complex style of play have long become a kind of standard among gamers. Everyone is already tired of 3D graphics and the heavy weight of games, not everyone can afford such luxurious games, so the Geometry Dash game is a kind of middle ground!

Geometry Dash Android

So, let's talk about the game itself, in addition to the complex gameplay, you will have to control a colorful square that moves forward and jumps when you tap on the screen of your Android device. The goal in the game is not to crash into objects that come across on the way, so you must have good reactions to be able to tap the screen in time.

First of all, the game catches with its very well-chosen music and surprises with its unusual, juicy graphics. It seems that everything is simple to the point of insanity, but I want to play more and more. The features include not only what is described above, but also the fact that with a bad jump, if you suddenly hit obstacles, the game will start again without slowing down for scoring points as in some similar games!

It is also worth mentioning the moment of uniqueness in the game, namely that the level of the game consists of two parts. In the first part, you control a square that moves and jumps on the ground. In the second part, you will already be flying on an airplane, not letting it fall to the ground by clicking on the screen.

As a result, the game Geometry Dash for Android is the golden mean. Not everyone will like it, it can make the player lose his temper, but at the same time it will keep until the last thanks to its chips, including well-chosen music and a unique level mode. Our team puts the maximum score of the game, namely a five!

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  • Updated: 27-09-2022, 22:10 - v2.111
Новая версия игры v2.111 включает в себя:
  • Новые эффекты, иконки, магазин, демоны, сундуки;
  • Таблица рекордов;

Добавлена новая полная версия игры и последняя на данный момент