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Постер Timelines: Assault on America for Android

Timelines: Assault on America for Android

Category: Strategies #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 4.x
Views: 7 983
Date: 12-08-2021


A brand new strategy Timelines: Assault on America the story of which is a fictional attack on America. The game from the first launch hits the player's forehead with the question what would happen if Germany attacked the United States?

Timelines: Assault on America for Android

So, the game is a strategy in real " RTS " time, it will offer you 12 levels to complete, in which you will participate in the climactic battle for Washington, DC. At your disposal will be whole detachments with a large number of units of military equipment. Tanks, guns, trucks and other heavy equipment. You will have to think strategically to prevent the enemy from breaking into the base, reflect on the offensive plan, and so on.

The game also provides a network game in which you can choose which country to play for, a total of 9 countries, including with Russia. And you can also play against each other, for example, with your friend or with an unknown player from the world Wide Web.

In general, the game Timelines: Assault on America on Android is worthy of your attention, it has already won such platforms as IOS, PC, Mac, Linux, which means that it has already been appreciated by thousands of users and if it was not interesting, it would not have been developed for such a number of platforms. An important requirement for tablet owners is the presence of 1 GIGABYTE of memory on board.