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Постер Need for Speed: No Limits on Android

Need for Speed: No Limits on Android

Category: Races #For a tablet #In Russian
Requirements: Android 4.x
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Date: 24-12-2021


Meet the new part of the NFS series from EA, a full-fledged 3D simulator under the big name Need for Speed: No Limits on Android tablets and phones.

It just so happened that NFS racing is the best racing in the world and a group of their developers do not cease to please their fans, and just gamers with new releases, so now they are releasing races NFS No Restrictions or in short and just No Limits!

Need for Speed: No Limits on Android

These new races are completely different from the previous parts for the better, now a completely new engine was used during the creation, thanks to which it was possible to achieve perfect graphics, deeper colors and new-generation effects.

In the game, the player is given the opportunity to participate in street races, they need to arrive first and only first, there are no rules, only crazy speed! To achieve leadership, the player will need to break the opponents ' cars by cutting, these actions will not be missed by the cops, so they will appear at the most unpredictable moment and prevent you from driving, you must break away from them or break their cars.

For each success in the race, you will receive cash prizes, which can then be spent on improving the car or buying a new one. It is worth noting that "No Limits " provides more than 250 options for finishing the car, it is very cool to see you can completely create the car of your dreams.

As for the cars in the game, there are just a huge number of them without words and they are all created according to the original racing cars. You will be able to ride on cars of such brands as Mazda, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and others. Download Need for Speed: No Limits for free on Android right now and see for yourself the above!

Among the features in the game, as in the entire line of NSF, it is worth highlighting the perfectly selected music for the race, very easy control, car upgrades (changing disks, painting, spoilers), perfect graphics as already mentioned, underground races with police officers.

Bottom line, the game Nid For Speed: No Restrictions for Android, will please all fans of the NSF and just fans of crazy races, from which the adrenaline in the blood is boiling. Our team I have already played a new part and rated the race at 5 out of 5 points!

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  • Updated: 24-12-2021, 17:38 - v5.7.1

v5.4.1 - новые тачки которые ты можешь получить: Bugatti Centodieci, Lotus Evora GT430, hevrolet Camaro SS 67 года!

v5.7.1 - Новый год и в игру пришла зима, новая тачка Bugatti EB110 Super Sport в специальном событие!